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Álvaro. 20. You will find lots of Harry Potter and JK Rowling here.

Let JK Rowling herself tell you about her charity Lumos, then please take a minute to read about Light Up Jo’s Birthday here and donate to this amazing fundraiser for Lumos . You can win awesome prizes while making the world a better place and thank JK Rowling for all her work.

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Friendly reminder that you can still donate to Light Up Jo’s Birthday and make sure you give JK Rowling an amazing day, also you can win awesome prizes such as rare signed books by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling herself).
All the money goes to Lumos, the charity founded and chaired by JK Rowling, which campaigns to end the institutionalisation of children. Get involved!

Donate now! More than £1,700 have been raised so far!


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Robert Galbraith - 18/07/14

Robert Galbraith - 18/07/14

If anyone else is interested in this pack you can get it from Amazon now that it’s just for $129 (marked down from $1,000). Only 3 hours left, you’re welcome.

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I just bought the collector’s edition of Harry Potter: Page to screen. I don’t know what happened. 

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Thomas Bavington

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I’m on a post Jo Rowling depression :(

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I’m back home and I can’t stop looking at my precious signed copy of The Silkworm. Not only for the signature, but for all the memories of that day. I could say Jo thank you while she was hugging me and I also could say to her that she looked amazing that evening. She also laughed when I get to the signing table because all my friends before me said they were from Spain (and got a hug too), so when I say I came from Spain too just to see her she laughed with all her assistants and stood up to hug me too. Soooo kind as always.
It was also really nice to meet some of the people I know thank to her, we couldn’t talk all that I would’ve liked but I hope to do so soon! (I also was so really freaking nervous)

For all of you that sent me your words to her I have an announcement: I could’t finished the book on time to give it to her in Harrogate, but don’t worry, I’ll send it to her by mail this week as a birthday present, thank you again for all your messages!

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That awkward moment when JK Rowling is hotter than you dressed like a man.

Jo Rowling wearing suit and tie as Robert Galbraith is the best thing happened this year.

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JK Rowling hugged me today ok goodbye  

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Thank you so so so much for all your words for JK Rowling, I have so much work now and my plane to Manchester leaves tomorrow morning! It’s going to be a looong night.

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